As much as I appreciate YouTube I'd like to be less reliant on the platform and the best way to help me do that is through donations.

Every bit is appreciated and will help me fund my channel, Tech Over Tea, this website of course and any other venture I take part in.

One Off

If all you want to do is make a one off donation PayPal is the easiest way to do so, I'll look into setting up a link that works without having a PayPal account soon™️


I'm not a big fan of paywalling content, so if you just want to setup a recurring tip you can use any of these options to do so. Besides my love you will get a recurring tip get you a role in my Discord and sometimes do stream calls with supporters.

For one off donations please do not use these links, the donation platforms take a portion of the donation and less goes to the creator.


Feel free to make one off donations with any of the cryptocurrencies listed below, if your favourite is coin missing contact me and I'll be happy to add it

Affiliate Links