Brodie's Soon™️ To Be Blog

I've been meaning to put this site together for a very long time, and the result is well... make of it as you will.


Hey I'm Brodie Robertson

To be completely honest, I didn't think I would ever get to the point where some random person like you would want to visit my website but here we are.

I don't know if you'd frame it like this but I'm most well known online for showcasing various pieces of Linux software which catch my attention, which you can check out here.

If that's not your thing I'll also cover I'll also occasionally various other pieces of Linux or Linux adjacent topics such as "What is Swap Space" or "Linus Torvalds Ponders The Future Of The Linux Kernel" so if Linux is your jam I'm sure you'll find something to interest you.

My Desktop

I'm still fairly new to Linux all things considered

It may come across in my videos like I'm someone who's been using Linux for years and has tons of experience with this sort of software but in reality I've only actually been daily driving Linux close to 2 years, so occasionally I'll make some mistakes.

Being interested in software for most of my life I've known about Linux for a long time but I didn't really consider trying it out until I discovered Linux content creators like Bryan Lunduke, Luke Smith, Distrotube and many others.

I didn't even wait get comfortable with Linux before making videos as you'll see from some of my early content but I feel like in the last couple of months I've finally reached a point where what I know, what I know I can learn and what I can teach people can finally provide some actual value.

The software I use is always changing but you can see what I typically use here

Along with my video content I'll also chuck together some scripts and config files from time to time and all of this is available on my GitHub.

Picture of podcast

I also have a Podcast!!

To be completely honest this podcast is only a tech podcast in name, sure I love tech so it'll come up from time to time but expect anything from news, to anime, to random anecdotes from and anything in between.

If you expect to leave this podcast having learned anything useful you're be dissapointed most of the time, but none the less I still try to make it a fun and worthwhile experience if you like some fun banter.

If that sounds like fun check out the audio release over on Anchor.

There's also a video release of the podcast over on Youtube and Odysee.

Picture of my gaming channel

And even a gaming channel!

I like video games, you probably like video games so why not come and watch me play some over on YouTube, Twitch and even Dlive. My tastes are really varied, sometimes I'll play platformers like Celeste or Spyro, sometimes I'll play rogue lites/likes such as Dead Cells or Hades and sometimes I'll even play JRPGs like Kingdom Hearts and Neptunia.

If I'm going to be playing some games anyway I might as well stream them so here we are, I'm not the best gamer and I'm pretty awful at talking to chat while also playing but that leads to even more fun.

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RSS Feeds

I know a lot of you guys prefer doing stuff through RSS so here's a few of my links.